New Horizon Metals strives to create shareholder value and maintain our social commitment by supporting the wellbeing of our people, protecting the environment, and strengthening the communities in which we operate.

The critical role copper will play on the path to net zero emissions cannot be understated and we are committed to bridge the deficit in copper supply while operating with transparency and maintaining the highest standards of corporate and social responsibility.

Our sustainability approach is driven by our purpose to find the metals needed to decarbonise the world and help accelerate the transition to a more sustainable society, while delivering sustained shared value, for both stakeholders and shareholders, through responsible sustainability practices.


At New Horizon Metals, we take our environmental responsibilities seriously and are committed to demonstrating strong environmental stewardship through all our operations.

As sustainable new sources of green metals become increasingly rare, we acknowledge the ever-important role of adhering to and respecting the environmental legislation of every region in which we operate and seek to manage potential environmental risks, impacts and opportunities across all our activities.


At New Horizon Metals, we recognise our legal and moral obligation to safeguard the health and safety of our employees, contractors, stakeholders, and community members.

We endeavour to conduct business in a manner that is forever fair, honest, and moral, implementing the highest ethical standards and frameworks across all levels of our organisation.

Maintaining a culture of care, integrity and ownership fosters a respectful and safe working environment at all New Horizon Metals locations and ensures the health and wellbeing of our employees and workers are upheld.


At New Horizon Metals, we believe that meeting the global challenge of decarbonisation should not come at the cost of detrimental local impacts.

We respect and recognise local heritage and culture, remaining a values-based company determined to exceed community expectations through both directly and indirectly contributing to the economy and the well-being of the communities within which we operate.

We aim to build trust and achieve lasting social and economic impact by actively and transparently engaging with local communities to foster respectful, co- operative, and rewarding relationships.